Plus petit que le renard roux, il est adapté aux régions polaires. En effet, comme ses pattes et son museau sont plus courts il conserve mieux sa chaleur. Sa fourrure dense, autrefois très appréciée par les chasseurs, peut être blanche ou grise(renard argenté, renard bleu).Ce renard se retrouve dans toutes les régions arctiques du monde.
Il se nourrit principalement de lemmings, de lièvres et d’oiseaux.
Coming from Iceland, this 75 to 115 cm and 2,5 to 9 kg fox now inhabits a large territory going from the Arctic,
from Iceland to Russia and also through Canada. Its fur is used as a camouflage. It is then white in the winter
and brownish in the summer. They hunt lemmings, hares and birds but they also eat berries and eggs.The litter
of a female fox is about 6 to 7 young. During the first few months, the father will bring food to the female
and young. When they are skillful enough to hunt, the mother will leave the burrow to go start another
family while the father will stay with his young.
Parc Omega / Omega Park
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